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Exhibition E-Mixed (9) video

Some pictures of the works on display and the beautiful location (MAP, Molenstraat 7 in Eeklo/Belgium). It is a group exhibition where I show my work with 7 other artists, a mix of people, materials and styles with as ‘the fil rouge’, the passion for making art. 4 weekends from 5 until 27 September 2015 Saturdays 13-19h / […]

Exhibition MAP Eeklo

My next exhibition will be in September, in the MAP, Molenstraat 7 in Eeklo (Belgium). It is a group exhibition with 8 artists, a mix of people, materials and styles with as ‘the fil rouge’, the passion for making art. Expo weekends from 5 until 27 September 2015 saturday13-19h / sunday13-17h You will find the invitation below. Always welcome if you are […]

Work in progress – oil & cold wax

Some works in progress… I currently work on three abstract oil & cold wax paintings on wood panels (70×50 cm). They progress slowly because of the many layers. Some of the layers of the first painting so far… the second one… and the third painting… still not happy with them, the battle continues…

How to hang a painting

Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery (Scottsdale AZ) created a comprehensive E-book about the best way to hang a painting. Here is an excerpt from the introduction: “You’ve just purchased a spectacular painting. An artist spent years studying, refining his/her craft to create this masterpiece. A gallery went to great effort and expense to display the work […]

collage red 2015-03

Collage break May 2015

As I got a commission for three small collages, I put my paints aside for a while and focussed on making some new collages of 12 x 12 cm and 14 x 14 cm. I had made a number of small collages two years ago as a sidetrack to painting, but people really seemed to appreciate them. […]

Video Linda Coppens – Actu-TV

Linda Coppens – membre de Arts et Lettres ( – est l’invitée dans l’émission de Actu-TV du 26 octobre 2014. Le video est disponible ici

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