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I am a visual artist who enjoys creating colorful abstract paintings and this blog shows you my journey to creating art.

Painting is my passion, I'm probably painting right at this moment.


Exhibition MAP Eeklo

My next exhibition will be in September, in the MAP, Molenstraat 7 in Eeklo (Belgium).
It is a group exhibition with 8 artists, a mix of people, materials and styles with as ‘the fil rouge’, the passion for making art.
Expo weekends from 5 until 27 September 2015
saturday13-19h / sunday13-17h
You will find the invitation below.
Always welcome if you are in the neighborhood !

uitnodiging MAP


Work in progress – oil & cold wax

Some works in progress… I currently work on three abstract oil & cold wax paintings on wood panels (70×50 cm).

They progress slowly because of the many layers.

works on the wall

works on the wall

Some of the layers of the first painting so far…

the second one…

and the third painting…

still not happy with them, the battle continues…

How to hang a painting

Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery (Scottsdale AZ) created a comprehensive E-book about the best way to hang a painting. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

"You’ve just purchased a spectacular painting. An artist spent years studying, refining his/her craft to create this masterpiece. A gallery went to great effort and expense to display the work so that you could see it in a pristine setting. Now, you’ve got the work home and . . . you’re on your own.

Many collectors feel overwhelmed by the prospect of hanging new artwork. They worry that they won’t know where best to display the work in their home, or that they’ll make a mistake in hanging the work, and it won’t look as good in their home as it did in the gallery, or that it won’t fit in with the other work in their collection. In this guide, I’m going to help you alleviate any of those feelings and give you tips that will help you hang artwork like a pro...." (Jason Horejs)

You can download the complete E-book for free (18 MB)

Happy reading!


collage red 2015-03

Collage break May 2015

As I got a commission for three small collages, I put my paints aside for a while and focussed on making some new collages of 12 x 12 cm and 14 x 14 cm.

I had made a number of small collages two years ago as a sidetrack to painting, but people really seemed to appreciate them. So it’s time to get into it again.

Since my studio is small, I needed to make room for the collage material and this means that painting becomes almost impossible. That’s why I took a ‘collage break’ and here is the result. You can see some of them in my portfolio page. The whole lot will soon be available at (will be live within one or two weeks).

The collages are made with all kinds of papers which I paint myself with acrylic high-quality paint to avoid that the colors fade over time. The base of the collage is passepartout cardboard. Although they are small, they take quite a time to finish because the searching for a good composition is the same as for very large formats.

Now I have switched the stage again and my brushes and paint are ready!






Welcome to my new blog – Apr 2015

Welcome to my new blog and a quick note to my followers.
You may have noticed that my blog has changed a bit.
Instead of a “website” look, it is now a blog through which I will share with you my journey to creating art, giving you a peek behind the scenes.
I will post work in progress, new work, events etc.

If you want to see more of my paintings or for buying a work, please visit ARTspace Europe.

Uitnodiging Open House 2015

uitnodiging-openhouse 2015

uitnodiging-openhouse 2015

Linda Coppens verwelkomt u in haar huis en atelier te Ternat op 27, 28 en 29 maart.

Bij deze gelegenheid zullen ook werken van Lydia Smets tentoon gesteld worden.

Lydia maakt unieke en verrassende sculpturen in glas

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Video Linda Coppens – Actu-TV

Linda Coppens – membre de Arts et Lettres ( – est l’invitée dans l’émission de Actu-TV du 26 octobre 2014.

Le video est disponible ici

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