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I am a visual artist who enjoys creating colorful abstract paintings and this blog shows you my journey to creating art.

Painting is my passion, I'm probably painting right at this moment.


Working on new painting /collages

A new year, so time to clean up and decide what to do with 3 unfinished acrylic paintings on canvas that I had put aside. There was a lot of texture on them, and I was not happy with how they turned out. So a new challenge was about to get tackled…

I started experimenting with collage papers on top of one of the paintings and I liked the result…

This was the result…

The second one…

Meet me half way n2-the result

Meet me half way n2 (50x50cm)

Then there was a large canvas 90×90 cm that needed the same treatment and this was the result…

Meet me half way n3

Meet me half way n3 (90x90cm)



Wet paint

I just finished these two paintings.

They are oil & cold wax on MDF panel.

At the back, there are two wooden bars separating the MDF panel from the wall by about 2 cm when hung.


Yoghurt Culture Art Project on Artfinder

At Artfinder, an online art gallery where my work is also for sale, a number of artists have initiated a challenge to each other to create a work of art with the title “Yoghurt Culture”. This was inspired by a joke made by Louise Pirrotta on the artist forum about yoghurt being the only culture in her home area.

The often-experienced absence of culture around us was illustrated with the joke from Louise -“if you want culture you better buy yogurt”, to which one can easily relate.

The intention is to express our feelings concerning this phenomenon, via the creation of one or more artworks.

This challenge grew exponentially and the latest count was 24 countries / 49 artists /76 artworks participating!

Deadline is 1th December 2015.

Currently the works I made for this project are only for sale here

Finally finished!

Two paintings in oil & cold wax for which I posted the Work-in-progress in June are finally done (meaning I am happy with how they look now).

It took a while… but here are some snapshots of the first painting, Running against the wind n°1.

And the second one, Running against the wind n°2.



New abstract work on paper

The works measure 25×25 cm and they were painted in acrylic on Steinbach paper.

it’s a joyful play with shapes, colors, textures and lines.



A happy customer…

A happy customer has sent me pictures of the works they bought recently.
They found them a very nice place in their home.

Beneath the surface n29

New work-Beneath the surface

Another work in the Beneath the surface series.

In a few days I will put the final layer of cold wax and then it will be ready for display!

Some details of the painting

Exhibition E-Mixed (9) video

Some pictures of the works on display and the beautiful location (MAP, Molenstraat 7 in Eeklo/Belgium).

It is a group exhibition where I show my work with 7 other artists, a mix of people, materials and styles with as ‘the fil rouge’, the passion for making art.
4 weekends from 5 until 27 September 2015
Saturdays 13-19h / Sundays 13-17h

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