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Experimental studies

I made tens of them… only a few make it to staying… Here are some of the studies I’m happy with. Soon they will be available on Instagram

Studio practice

The last weeks, I am focusing on experimental studies and color palettes. I experiment with a limited palette on a lot of different sizes of paper and all kinds of paper. My studio is a big mess and I run out of space because everything needs to dry, so time to write this short post and upload […]

Kunstzomer Leke 2016

Dit jaar neem ik, als gastkunstenaar, deel aan Kunstzomer Leke 2016, een kunstige auto- fiets- en wandelroute van 10 km in het schilderachtig polderdorpje Leke. Op 25 locaties, waaronder pittoreske boerderijen, kerk, klooster, school, molen, kunstgalerij, tuinen, enz., stellen 93 Europese kunstenaars hun werk tentoon. Catalogus en plannetje zijn te verkrijgen in kunstatelier ‘Moeders huisje’, Dwarsstraat 4 8600 Leke, waar […]

My art studio in Spain is ready

During this summer holiday, my hubby and I prepared my art studio in our house in Spain so that I can also paint while we are there. Here are some photos of work in progress that I did when the studio was ready. I started on plain paper, with rubbish quality of paint, because I […]

Yesss… my new storage racks installed

Finally, I have custom sized storage racks installed by a local carpenter. I am very happy with them! Now I can easily store my paintings and keep them separated from each other. This was a big problem with the previous storage solution, where I needed to put something in between works to avoid clinging to each […]

Exhibition CC Asse

Some pictures of the set up of the exhibition and the opening reception. It was fun and challenging to make an interesting combination of Liliane’s figurative work and my abstract paintings, but we did it! The exhibition ends on 22 May, so only one week left if you want to visit it.  

Invitation to the exhibition ‘A visual conversation’

Starting Thursday 28 April, the duo-exhibition A visual conversation of Liliane De Koninck & Linda Coppens will be hosted in the Cultural Center of Asse, Huinegem 2-4, 1730 Asse (Belgium). You are cordially invited to the Opening reception on Thursday 28/4 at 19h30. Guido Verhaeghe, eredirecteur of the Portaelschool Vilvoorde/Belgium, will be the guest speaker. The exhibition is open until 22 May […]

Small abstract paintings on Terraskin paper

I am working on ten small abstracts and they are almost finished, just some small tweaks to do here and there and they are ready. They are made in acrylics and wax pastels on Terraskin paper. Terraskin paper Terraskin is a very smooth paper, made of a combination of mineral powder (>75%) and a small quantity (<25%) of […]

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