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  1. Hi Linda,
    I saw your work on the Artfinder website and really like it. I notice you live and work near Brussels. I am a British artist based in Tervuren. Like you, I have made a career change – originally a journalist, then brought up three children, now painter and photographer. Please put me on your mailing list. I’d like to come and see your work some time. It would be good to meet you!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Linda,
    Wonderful to see your beautiful art work. I especially like the background of your work: being –or having been –a psychologist and integrating these experiences and knowledge into your art.I do like how you wrote about it.
    I think we have something in common: before I came from Munich, Germany to the USA 12 years ago I was working as a therapist in the field of crisis intervention. This and my childhood (growing up in and after WWII) is surely influencing my work (see my statement on my website)
    I am glad to share the Artist Journey with you and would like to keep in touch beyond that.
    All the best,

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for your comment and appreciation of my art. I checked out your website, and like your art very much too. Yes, we have definitely something in common! nice we go on the Artist Journey together… We’ll keep contact! I’ll send you an email, so you will have my email address.

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