Holidays were refreshing

Hi my dear visitors!

I am back from holidays in Spain where I had a refreshing time…

Of course, I couldn’t do without painting, so here are some snapshots of paintings and sketchbook pages I worked on.




Sketchbook – useful or not?

Sketchbook …

I was never very interested in working in sketchbooks, I thought they were only useful when working figuratively, for drawing, defining compositions of “real things” in nature, still life, figures, etc… Because my work is primarily abstract, spontaneous, in the moment… I could never reproduce in large what I made in small format in a sketchbook. I used sketchbooks more to write down techniques, ideas etc, but not to lay out the foundation of a painting.

Recently I took a course with Nancy Hillis, an American psychiatrist and artist for over 20 years who, through her work, learned that the secret to creating expressively alive paintings is by trusting yourself. She encourages her students to make a lot of starts, to work in a sketchbook (also called a journal), to just create, experiment and trust yourself. That way you can create alive, meaningful art.

I took this at heart and although I already experimented a lot in my work, it was always with the end result in mind… It had to be good!

Now, after these classes, I feel more free, I experiment even more, I use sketchbooks to jot down color schemes, to create little pieces with leftovers from my paint session… I try to trust myself and go ahead without the result in mind during that process.

Here are examples of some of my journal pages…



My studio in Spain

My studio in Spain – finally ready!

My studio in Spain that we completed last summer is finally up-and-running. This holiday, I can really start trying it out… After a short ‘setup’ of my paints and painting tools, I am ready to roll!

Here are a few works on small canvasses and paper. I really enjoy the short bursts of creativity, painting a few hours, then a walk near the sea, enjoy a delicious ‘menu del dia’ at noon, then again a bit of ‘messing around in my new world, no stress, just let it go… you get the picture…



Studio practice

The last weeks, I am focusing on experimental studies and color palettes.

I experiment with a limited palette on a lot of different sizes of paper and all kinds of paper.

My studio is a big mess and I run out of space because everything needs to dry, so time to write this short post and upload some pictures…

My art studio in Spain is ready

During this summer holiday, my hubby and I prepared my art studio in our house in Spain so that I can also paint while we are there.

Here are some photos of work in progress that I did when the studio was ready. I started on plain paper, with rubbish quality of paint, because I don’t have quality art materials there yet. It was just to see how I could organize everything, working in this new environment. I must say I am very pleased with it!


Small abstract paintings on Terraskin paper

I am working on ten small abstracts and they are almost finished, just some small tweaks to do here and there and they are ready.

They are made in acrylics and wax pastels on Terraskin paper.

Terraskin paper

Terraskin is a very smooth paper, made of a combination of mineral powder (>75%) and a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin, combined to create an environmentally friendly paper. The production of TerraSkin requires no water and no trees. It is water – resistant and inherently strong and durable.

TerraSkin has a unique texture and feel. Because the paper is fiberless, it does not absorb ink or paint like regular paper. Therefore it takes a bit longer before the paint dries. The only problem is that, when spraying medium on the paper to fixate the wax pastels, the lines may bleed a bit. Sometimes I need to rework this, but other times it adds to the visual effect and then I leave them as they are.

Work in progress – oil & cold wax

Some works in progress… I currently work on three abstract oil & cold wax paintings on wood panels (70×50 cm).

They progress slowly because of the many layers.

works on the wall

works on the wall

Some of the layers of the first painting so far…

the second one…

and the third painting…

still not happy with them, the battle continues…

collage red 2015-03

Collage break May 2015

As I got a commission for three small collages, I put my paints aside for a while and focussed on making some new collages of 12 x 12 cm and 14 x 14 cm.

I had made a number of small collages two years ago as a sidetrack to painting, but people really seemed to appreciate them. So it’s time to get into it again.

Since my studio is small, I needed to make room for the collage material and this means that painting becomes almost impossible. That’s why I took a ‘collage break’ and here is the result. You can see some of them in my portfolio page. The whole lot will soon be available at (will be live within one or two weeks).

The collages are made with all kinds of papers which I paint myself with acrylic high-quality paint to avoid that the colors fade over time. The base of the collage is passepartout cardboard. Although they are small, they take quite a time to finish because the searching for a good composition is the same as for very large formats.

Now I have switched the stage again and my brushes and paint are ready!