Series of small works on stone paper/panel

I just finished a series of small paintings on stone paper, which I glued onto wood panels. The stone paper is very smooth and adheres beautifully to the wood panels that I first prepared with two layers of gesso. The sides are painted in a neutral color in order to have a nice finish.

Experimental studies

I made tens of them… only a few make it to staying… Here are some of the studies I’m happy with. Soon they will be available on Instagram

Working on new painting /collages

A new year, so time to clean up and decide what to do with 3 unfinished acrylic paintings on canvas that I had put aside. There was a lot of texture on them, and I was not happy with how they turned out. So a new challenge was about to get tackled… I started experimenting with collage papers on […]

Wet paint

I just finished these two paintings. They are oil & cold wax on MDF panel. At the back, there are two wooden bars separating the MDF panel from the wall by about 2 cm when hung.  

Yoghurt Culture Art Project on Artfinder

At Artfinder, an online art gallery where my work is also for sale, a number of artists have initiated a challenge to each other to create a work of art with the title “Yoghurt Culture”. This was inspired by a joke made by Louise Pirrotta on the artist forum about yoghurt being the only culture in […]

Finally finished!

Two paintings in oil & cold wax for which I posted the Work-in-progress in June are finally done (meaning I am happy with how they look now). It took a while… but here are some snapshots of the first painting, Running against the wind n°1. And the second one, Running against the wind n°2.