My name is Linda Coppens, I am a visual artist who enjoys creating colorful abstract paintings.

I am originally from Aalst (Belgium) and was educated as a psychologist. Currently, I live near Brussels but I spend some periods of the year in Spain.
Although my professional career continued in another direction, my interest in the human being led to the development of my artistic theme: the complexity of the human being and the influence of our past experiences on our current experiences.

I am a versatile painter and enjoy working in acrylics but also in oil & cold wax.

I discovered that the oil & cold wax with its soft, transparent consistency is an ideal material for expressing the layered nature of memory, our past experiences. Every experience is coloured by the foregoing. The transparent or opaque layers in my work refer to these experiences. Each layer shows signs of previous layers and includes pieces of life that are trapped inside. Sometimes these traces and pieces of life come to the surface and determine how the surface looks like, sometimes they stay hidden underneath but there always remain traces.

I also like working in acrylics and mixed media for more experimental and spontaneous work. My biggest pleasure (but sometimes also frustration) lies in creating chaos on the canvas or paper and then taking up the challenge of creating harmony within this chaos. To me, this refers to the increasingly frenetic life and the balance we need to find within.





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