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Kunstbeurs Kortrijk

21-22 Oct 2017 (10:00 – 18:00): I participate in the “Kunstbeurs Kortrijk“, one of the locations in the well known art event “Buren bij kunstenaars“. There will be a lot of art to discover, so don’t miss this opportunity! Address: V-Tex – Pieter de Conincklaan 23a  8500 Kortrijk Invitation: uitnodiging_7124

Te gast in CC Strombeek-Bever

Te gast in CC Strombeek-Bever Reeds jaren lang is de “Kunstkring Strombeek-Bever” een blijvende waarde voor wie houdt van boeiende en vernieuwende tentoonstellingen. Bij de aanvang van het nieuwe culturele seizoen tonen zij hun nieuw werk in Cc Strombeek-Bever. In een geest van openheid en multiculturele samenwerking worden hierbij ook 3 gastkunstenaars uitgenodigd. Dit jaar ben […]

Holidays were refreshing

Holidays were refreshing Hi dear visitors! I am back from holidays in Spain where I had a refreshing time… Lots of good food, sun in abundance and long walks on the beach… Of course, I couldn’t do without painting, so here are some snapshots of paintings and sketchbook pages I worked on. Cheers, Linda  

Time for a break

The last months have been quite busy with artist tours and exhibitions, so I am taking a break and will soon be on my way to my studio in Spain. Plenty of sun, good food and surely some rest … But also some painting, won’t be able to stop myself. See you all back end of […]

ArTiesTenToer 2017 – Tervuren

This year I participate in the ArTiesTenToer 2017 in Tervuren. It runs from Thursday 25 May till Sunday 28 May. My work will be exhibited, together with the work of Lydia Smets who makes wonderful glass art, in private gallery of kine Antoon/Deprez, Nieuwstraat 30 – Tervuren (location 25 on the map). More info: […]

Open Atelier Ternat 2017

Open Atelier Ternat 2017, de eerste keer dat kunstenaars in Ternat hun deuren open zetten voor een open atelier route! Deze eerste Open Atelier Ternat route zal doorgaan op 19-20-21 mei 2017. Tot nu toe “verborgen” pareltjes hebben zich enthousiast ingeschreven voor deze eerste Open Atelier Ternat route. Zowat alle kunstdisciplines komen aan bod: schilderen […]

Sketchbook – useful or not?

Sketchbook … I was never very interested in working in sketchbooks, I thought they were only useful when working figuratively, for drawing, defining compositions of “real things” in nature, still life, figures, etc… Because my work is primarily abstract, spontaneous, in the moment… I could never reproduce in large what I made in small format […]

Works on Yupo paper

They are finally ready… 5 small works on yupo paper. It took me quite some time to finish these, but recently I managed to do the final tweaks and they are ready now! I started those ages ago, and left them unfinished, didn’t quite knew what to do with them. Then a few weeks ago, […]

My studio in Spain

My studio in Spain – finally ready! My studio in Spain that we completed last summer is finally up-and-running. This holiday, I can really start trying it out… After a short ‘setup’ of my paints and painting tools, I am ready to roll! Here are a few works on small canvasses and paper. I really enjoy the […]

Series of small works on stone paper/panel

I just finished a series of small paintings on stone paper, which I glued onto wood panels. The stone paper is very smooth and adheres beautifully to the wood panels that I first prepared with two layers of gesso. The sides are painted in a neutral color in order to have a nice finish.

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