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I am a visual artist who enjoys creating colorful abstract paintings and this blog shows you my journey to creating art.

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Holidays were refreshing

Hi my dear visitors!

I am back from holidays in Spain where I had a refreshing time…

Of course, I couldn’t do without painting, so here are some snapshots of paintings and sketchbook pages I worked on.




Time for a break

The last months have been quite busy with artist tours and exhibitions, so I am taking a break and will soon be on my way to my studio in Spain.

Plenty of sun, good food and surely some rest … But also some painting, won’t be able to stop myself.

See you all back end of July and wishing you fine summer holidays too !


Open Atelier Ternat 2017

Open Atelier Ternat 2017, de eerste keer dat kunstenaars in Ternat hun deuren open zetten voor een open atelier route!

Deze eerste Open Atelier Ternat route zal doorgaan op 19-20-21 mei 2017.
Tot nu toe “verborgen” pareltjes hebben zich enthousiast ingeschreven voor deze eerste Open Atelier Ternat route. Zowat alle kunstdisciplines komen aan bod: schilderen (zowel figuratief als abstract), keramiek, beeldhouwen, fotografie,…

De Open Atelier Ternat route zal bestaan uit 2 delen.

Met dank aan de gemeente Ternat, wordt er een overkoepelende groepstentoonstelling georganiseerd in de publieke ruimte van ons nieuw gemeentehuis.
Deze groepstentoonstelling start op vrijdag 21 april 2017 met een vernissage. Ze loopt door tot met het Open Atelier Ternat weekend. Er zal 1 werk van elke deelnemende kunstenaar tentoon gesteld worden. Folders met routeplannetjes zijn beschikbaar.

De groepstentoonstelling wordt gevolgd door het Open Atelier Ternat weekend op 19-20-21 mei, waar de kunstenaar zijn/haar atelier openstelt voor de kunstliefhebber en hem/haar meeneemt in zijn/haar kunstbeleving.

Mijn atelier bevindt zich Rozenstraat 25 – 1742 Ternat

Van harte welkom!

De elektronische folder: folder-Open-Atelier-Ternat-2017

Open Atelier Ternat 2017

Open Atelier Ternat 2017

Sketchbook – useful or not?

Sketchbook …

I was never very interested in working in sketchbooks, I thought they were only useful when working figuratively, for drawing, defining compositions of “real things” in nature, still life, figures, etc… Because my work is primarily abstract, spontaneous, in the moment… I could never reproduce in large what I made in small format in a sketchbook. I used sketchbooks more to write down techniques, ideas etc, but not to lay out the foundation of a painting.

Recently I took a course with Nancy Hillis, an American psychiatrist and artist for over 20 years who, through her work, learned that the secret to creating expressively alive paintings is by trusting yourself. She encourages her students to make a lot of starts, to work in a sketchbook (also called a journal), to just create, experiment and trust yourself. That way you can create alive, meaningful art.

I took this at heart and although I already experimented a lot in my work, it was always with the end result in mind… It had to be good!

Now, after these classes, I feel more free, I experiment even more, I use sketchbooks to jot down color schemes, to create little pieces with leftovers from my paint session… I try to trust myself and go ahead without the result in mind during that process.

Here are examples of some of my journal pages…



Works on Yupo paper

They are finally ready… 5 small works on yupo paper.

It took me quite some time to finish these, but recently I managed to do the final tweaks and they are ready now!

I started those ages ago, and left them unfinished, didn’t quite knew what to do with them. Then a few weeks ago, I found them, more or less by accident, in a pile of other unfinished works on paper. They looked promising, and I decided to add a few lines and shapes of color. I started to like where they were heading… and I responded. They are done now!


My studio in Spain

My studio in Spain – finally ready!

My studio in Spain that we completed last summer is finally up-and-running. This holiday, I can really start trying it out… After a short ‘setup’ of my paints and painting tools, I am ready to roll!

Here are a few works on small canvasses and paper. I really enjoy the short bursts of creativity, painting a few hours, then a walk near the sea, enjoy a delicious ‘menu del dia’ at noon, then again a bit of ‘messing around in my new world, no stress, just let it go… you get the picture…



Series of small works on stone paper/panel

I just finished a series of small paintings on stone paper, which I glued onto wood panels.

The stone paper is very smooth and adheres beautifully to the wood panels that I first prepared with two layers of gesso.

The sides are painted in a neutral color in order to have a nice finish.

Invitation: I am guest artist at the ‘Open House’ event of Lydia Smets

The last weekend of October, I’m the guest artist at Lydia Smets’ Open House event.

Lydia creates unique and surprising glass sculptures with her own modern glass kiln. Some of her works can be viewed at
She opens her house and atelier to the public that weekend and invited me to exhibit some of my paintings for that occasion, which I will gladly do.

We invite you to pay us a visit !

Kerkhofstraat 7
3080 Vossem-Tervuren

Friday      28/10/2016 17:00 – 21:00
Saturday  29/10/2016 14:00 – 19:00
Sunday    30/10/2016 14:00 – 19:00


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